La Movida

1017 South Park Street

Outside the radio station La MovidaLa Movida is a Latino radio station. In the same studio is a Latino newspaper, Voz Latino. Both are done entirely in Spanish. The people in charge are Luis and Lupita Montoto. Before this Lupita had no radio experience but her husband, Luis, did. When they met, Luis was doing Spanish radio in Texas. They moved to Madison, and Luis found out that the city had no Latino radio station. Then he got the crazy idea that they could start one. So they looked around for a station that they could get time on. On a couple of the stations they got a few hours a week. But that really wasn’t A microphone in the radio stationenough. Then they met Tom Walker, he is the owner of some radio stations and decided to get Luis and Lupita their own radio station. So they got the studio built, and now they are broadcasting music, weather, news, interviews and much more from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. 

A control board in the radio stationThe Radio Station is on channel 1480 and 100% Latino. 

When we went into the studio, I was very excited. I had never been in one before! There was a board with switches and lights on it. The red lights had P’s on them and the yellow ones had A’s on them.