The foodways barely have changed for most people. Most still eat rice and meat for every meal of the day.

I think Hmong food is good, especially the most popular Hmong food which is sticky rice with egg rolls. Most people/kids/children/teenagers like Hmong food, so I think they’ve kept the food they eat. At least I would!

Hmong people are eating Hmong foods, speaking Hmong language, taking trips to Laos, playing Hmong instruments, using Hmong medicines and herbs for healing, along with shamanism and many other things to keep the culture alive – by taking life and traditions from Laos and bringing them to America, where they have to struggle to just keep them existing, to make it so that Hmong people don’t all totally become Americans forever, letting go of beliefs and traditions of a precious culture. Keeping traditions is a very important thing to be able to look back in the future and remember that we need to help these people. Or, we can look back and get a long-forgotten culture restarted and continue studying.