Down Home Dairyland – Extras!

The cover of the CD is a black and white photo collage of musicians with their instruments.

Folklorists Jim Leary and Rick March have distilled a definitive presentation of Upper Midwestern traditional and ethnic music, from Ojibwe drums to Norwegian fiddles, from polka to salsa, from gospel choirs to southeast Asian rock bands. The book is a listener’s guide packed with photos, essays, and resources.

James P. Leary is professor of folklore and Scandinavian studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His books include Yodeling in DairylandSo Ole Says to Lena, and Wisconsin Folklore. Richard March is Folk and Community Arts Specialist at the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Chapter 1: Wisconsin Indian Music

Chapter 2: Woodland Indian Fiddles and Jigs

Dick Gravelle statement and “French Tune” are from a field recording by Michael Loukinen, Sault St. Marie, Mich., summer 1989. Northern Michigan University. Performed in the film “Medicine Fiddle,” UP North Films, 1991.

Chapter 9: German-American Music in Wisconsin

Chapter 12: The Minnesota Dutchmen

Chapter 15: Finnish-American Music in Superiorland

For information on the two-day dances, see Ray Kiska on the Wisconsin Folklore Listener.

Chapter 17: From Maso Pust to Cesky Den: Czech and Slovak Music in Wisconsin

Chapter 18: The Manitowoc Bohemian Sound

Chapters 21 and 22: Old-Time Music in Stevens Point and Pulaski Is a Polka Town

Chapter 23: The Tamburiza and Chapter 24: Sjajno more (“Shining Sea”) Lake Michigan Tamburiza from Gary to Sheboygan

Chapter 25: Echoes of Slovenia, Chapter 26: The Milwaukee Waltz, and Chapter 27: The Hartmann-Meisner Polka Dynasty

Chapter 35: Crying Holy unto the Lord: Midwestern Sacred Musical Traditions

Chapter 36: Gospel in Wisconsin

Chapter 38: The East in the North: Southeast Asian Music in Wisconsin