About Us

About Us
Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture was created by dedicated professionals ready to collaborate with you.


Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture
c/o Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures
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University of Wisconsin-Madison
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History and Vision

Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture (WTLC) was the dream of several folklorists deeply involved with local culture and curricula. In September 2003, twelve educators who work in school districts, classrooms, public agencies, and private nonprofits gathered for a planning meeting at Folklore Village in Dodgeville to make that dream a reality. Participants envisioned WTLC as a community of educators of all subject areas and grade levels that provides inspiration, support, and delight.

By uncovering the connections between local culture and the curriculum, WTLC enables teachers to create integrated lessons that link with academic standards and that place specific knowledge in broad context. By examining local cultures in Wisconsin, WTLC provides teachers with resources to address tensions and opportunities that arise from changing demographics in their communities.

WTLC is a home for like-minded educators who may feel isolated in their particular teaching situations. Through various means of supporting each other, WTLC is the hub through which Wisconsin educators connect with others committed to including local cultural studies in their teaching and outreach. WTLC is also a united voice that advocates for public understanding and recognition of the value of local cultural studies.

Revisioning WTLC

In June 2014, Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture brought together 40 local culture educators to identify commonalities in our work, to develop a list of assets and obstacles pertinent to implementation of local culture curriculum, and generate strategies for sustaining future local culture projects and programming.  Read their insights in the white paper, Bringing It Home: A Gathering of Locally Focused Educators in Wisconsin.

Dr. Anne Pryor, folklorist

Dr. Ruth Olson, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures

Kaitlyn Berle, Folk Arts Coordinator, Wisconsin Arts Board