Dialects and Linguistics Websites

The Dictionary of American Regional English. Documenting the varieties of English—those words, pronunciations, and phrases—that vary from one region to another.

Bert Vaux's dialect survey
An extensive on-line survey of American dialects. The first Dialect Survey has been completed, and the resulting maps and statistics are available.

Bert Vaux's Repository of English Dialect Samples
Here are sample recordings of different varieties of English collected by Bert Vaux. [Temporarily unavailable]

Phonological Atlas of North America
Now published as a massive book, this website still contains lots of information about vowel differences across American dialects.

American Dialect Society
The professional organization for people interested in American dialects and publishers of the journal American Speech.

Do you speak American?
A PBS project with sound samples and additional information.

Studying Varieties of English
Created by Raymond Hickey, Chair of English Linguistics, Essen University, Germany, this site is intended for students of linguistics—or any other interested persons—concerned with varieties of the English language

The Linguist List
If you want to go beyond Wisconsin into the world of linguistics, here's a great resource.

William Labov
The leading figure in the study of American English vowels and founder of 'variationist' sociolinguistics.

Labov on YouTube
William Labov discusses the Northern Cities Vowel Shift in American English. From the documentary "Do you speak American?"

American Languages: Our Nation's Many Languages Online
A project aimed at digitizing, interpreting, and making accessible important fieldwork audio collections capturing a variety of American languages and dialects. Incorporates materials from the Dictionary of American Regional English and the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies.
See also the devloping digital collection at UW-Madison:


Mr. Verb
This blogger's motto is: "Language changes. Deal with it. Revel in it."


Related organizations

Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures (CSUMC)
Committed to the languages and cultural traditions of this region's diverse peoples, CSUMC fosters research and the preservation of archival collections, while producing educational and outreach programs for a broad public audience.

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies (MKI)
The Institute's mission is promotes scholarly research, documention, and outreach examining how German-speaking immigrants and their descendants have both shaped their North American environment and have been shaped by it.