Welcome to the website of the Wisconsin Englishes Project (WEP)! We are a group of linguists and other scholars located at institutions throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states who are exploring various aspects of the dialects of English spoken in Wisconsin and across the Upper Midwest. Additionally, we study other languages spoken in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest and consider how contemporary Wisconsin English varieties have been shaped by the state’s linguistic history.

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The book Wisconsin Talk is now available

Cover of Wisconsin Talk book

published by The University of Wisconsin Press

One product of the WEP is the publication of Wisconsin Talk: Linguistic Diversity in the Badger State, edited by Thomas Purnell, Eric Raimy and Joseph Salmons. Building upon research and outreach presentations by faculty, students and the staff of the Max Kade Institute and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures, this survey of Wisconsin's languages is for both general readers and language scholars, drawing upon linguistics, history, cultural studies and geography to iluminate why language matters in our everyday lives.

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