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Local Culture and Identity in the Upper Midwest

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Examples of Past Semester Projects

  • Culture of Beer in Wisconsin
    This student, Dan Behnke, actually came and presented this powerpoint on "The Culture of Beer in Wisconsin" to my Teaching Assistant and me, followed by a question-and-answer session. He then turned in a short paper to me (basically a copy of his talk) which showed his use of primary and secondary sources.

  • J Hoel - Sheepshead Video
    This student, Julie Hoel, created a video about her grandfather and his friends, all from southern Wisconsin, who regularly play Sheepshead in their retirement in Sun City, Arizona.

  • African-American Quilters
    This powerpoint presentation on two African-American quilters in Madison, by Melodneice Burt, demonstrates several folkloric concepts we've talked about in class. Notice, too, that primary and secondary sources are used in Burt's descriptions under the images; she quotes the quilters she interviewed, and she uses scholarly sources.

  • Hmong Textile Arts
    This website by student Khamphian Vang is a terrific example of a semester project. Notice how she provides historical detail, interviews with women (her primary sources), lots of images, and a list of sources.

  • Wisconsin Fish Fry
    Two students, Kimberly Plude and Tanya Gillitzer, worked together to create this brief video. Notice that each student also wrote a brief paper to provide some context for their video.
    Fish Fry Paper by Gillitzer | Fish Fry Paper by Plude | Fish Fry Video

  • Farmer's Market
    This paper, by Julie Moskal, offers description and images of the Dane County Farmer's Market.

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