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Part 2: Comparing Lefse and Tortillas

Part2 Redlining
Part2 Redlining Streamed Version
Part2 Redlining

In this segment, Valentina and Marit discuss the ingredients for and the process of making lefse and tortillas. Both require similar ingredients: flour, shortening, salt. Both are rolled out with a rolling pin and then cooked on a griddle. Because lefse are thinner and larger than tortillas, the rolled-out lefse is wrapped on a tool called a lefse stick, and then "unwound" onto the griddle. Tortillas and lefse can also reflect the kinds of crops originally available to Mexicans and Norwegians; tortillas are often made with corn, and lefse with potatoes. Both lefse and tortillas have become symbols of ethnic identities.

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Last Updated:
January 5, 2009

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