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About Video

In order to view video or to hear audio, you need to be using a QuickTime plug-in. This is available for free from

If you are downloading a WMV file, you may need the Windows Media Player. This is also available for free from

Streamed Video is transferred and played as it is downloaded. Because of this, only those persons with extremely fast internet connections will see good video quality. If you have a dialup connection, you should download the file to watch it

Downloaded Video is saved as a file to your computer and not played until the download is complete. This is the best way to see video on the web, especially if you are using a slower or dialup connection.

If you have to download the file to view it, we may have tried to make it easier for you by splitting the file (which may be extremely large) into parts. This made help you as you want to watch the video but don't want to wait for extremely long downloads to complete. Please be aware that some files have been prepared in this manner for your use.

Last Updated:
January 5, 2009

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