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Building a Local Culture Project

Building a Local Culture Project


Possible Locations/Themes

Single assignment                                    ____________________________________

Existing unit                                                ____________________________________

Classroom/school families                        ____________________________________

Neighborhood, community                        ____________________________________

City, town                                                ____________________________________


Thank You to Presenters

22 March 2002


Dear Dane County Neighbor,


Enclosed is a personal card, from one of the students in my classroom at Randall School in Madison, thanking you for your help with our recent Dane County Cultural Tour. I want to add my appreciation. The strongest impression I have from our four-day trip during the first week of March is the incredible kindness we experienced. You welcomed us and helped us understand your community.



Thank You to Newspaper

Dear Editor,


The first week in March, my class of fourth and fifth graders, along with parent volunteers, took a four-day, three-night cultural tour of Dane County. We explored and documented farming, occupations, recreation, community life, religion, ethnicity, and traditional arts and crafts. My class sends a big thank you to all the people in the Black Earth area who helped us learn about everyday life in Dane County.



Final Itinerary

Dane County Cultural Tour Itinerary

Cell Phones

Mark Wagler XXX-XXXX

Mary Rasmussen XXX-XXXX

Anne Pryor XXX-XXXX



8:00            leave Randall School

9:00            Cedar Grove Cheese Factory, Plain

Bob (E5904 Valley View Road, XXX-XXXX). He will give us cheese curds for snack, also can snack on bus.

10:00            leave for Mazomanie

10:30            Mazomanie Historical Society


Packing LIst

Dane County Culture Tour


Packing List


Be ready for rain, snow, and warm weather!

We will definitely be outside a lot!


School backpack for daytime: notebooks, pencils, water bottle, etc.



snack for Monday morning

sack lunch for Monday noon



Memo to Parents Expectations

TO: Room 202 Parents and Students

FROM: Mark Wagler

Our Dane County Cultural Tour is both the most exciting and the longest fieldtrip I have ever helped plan. Few elementary students have such an opportunity. Because we will be

    with hosts and presenters who deserve respect, and

    away from the normal support of home and school,

and in order for all students

    to learn in new settings, and

    be safe in all settings,


Memo to Parents Description of Tour

Dane County Cultural Tour


TO: Room 202 Parents

FROM: Mark Wagler and the Planning Committee


The largest project in Room 202 this year will be our Dane County Cultural Tour (DCCT). Here’s a detailed description, to amplify what you’ve already heard at Parent Night, from teacher memos, and from students. Please feel free to voice concerns and ask questions about our plans so far.





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