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Chapter 35: Crying Holy unto the Lord: Midwestern Sacred Musical Traditions

Agnes Thomas Timm on Welsh singing | size 305 KB | time 0:38
Agnes Thomas Timm discusses the Welsh tradition of singing, including how the voice may be developed while singing in the mines.
"Crug y bar" (excerpt) | size 783 KB | time 1:39
This excerpt of "Crug y bar," a Welsh funeral hymn, is sung by the Gymanfa Ganu Choir. 

Rick March on Lake Superior Finns | size 272 KB | time 0:34
Rick March talks about the Lake Superior Finns and the singing traditions of the Apostolic Lutherans, comparing it to how the Welsh communites sing hymns.

Charles Karye on hymn singing | size 195 KB | time 0:24
Charles Karye comments on how his parents were influential in him becoming a hymn singer in the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church.

Finnish Apostolic Lutheran hymn | size 803 KB | time 1:42
This is an example of a Finnish Apostolic Lutheran hymn as sung by Charles Karye and Lempi Luoma.

"Pojdzmy wszysy do stojenki" (1) | size 844 KB | time 1:47
The Polish carol "Pojdzmy wszysy do stojenki" (Let's all go to the stable) is performed by Alvin Styczynski's polka band from Pulaski, WI. 

"Pojdzmy wszysy do stojenki" (2) | size 441 KB | time 0:56
Jim Leary introduces this version of "Pojdzmy wszysy do stojenki" by discussing the integration of pagan magic and Christian beliefs. The carol is sung by Bernice Barnak and Mary Stelmach.

For information on Polish feather stripping parties, see the Wisconsin Folklore Listener.

"Radujte se narodi" | size 550 KB | time 1:10
The old country carol, "Radujte se narodi" ("Rejoice, Ye Peoples"), is sung by Croation Catholic John Kazele. 

"We Offer Bread and Wine" | size 990 KB | time 2:06
"We Offer Bread and Wine" is an example of a Slovenian-style "polka mass." It known in English as "The Barking Dog Polka."