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Chapters 21 and 22: Old-Time Music in Stevens Point and Pulaski Is a Polka Town

"Stevens Point Polka" | size 1.4 MB | time 3:03
The Polka Stars, a Polish polka band with Dutchman-style influences, perform "Stevens Point Polka."

Jim Weissbrod on ethnic roots | size 258 KB | time 0:32
Jim Weissbrod of the Polka Stars speaks about how ethnicity can affect the style of polka played in a particular region.

Norm Dombrowski on polkas | size 666 KB | time 1:27
Norm Dombrowski of the Happy Notes talks about how his interest in the polka developed, highly influenced by Little Wally.

"Iron Foundry Polka" | size 1.3 MB | time 2:55
"Iron Foundry Polka" performed by the Starlights. This is an example of the "Honky" style in Polish polka music.

"Hup Sadyna" | size 1.5 MB | time 3:19
Alvin Styczynski performing "Hup Sadyna." This is another example of the "Honky" style in Polish polkas.

"Wonderful Life Polka" | size 1.1 MB | time 2:22
Norm Dombrowski and the Happy Notes perform "Wonderful Life Polka" with Norm's daughter Marie Kubowski on fiddle.

Norm Dombrowski on vocals | size 509 KB | time 1:04
Norm Dombrowski expresses his opinion about the role and level of vocals in Polish music, comparing 78s to modern recording techniques.

"I've Just Seen a Face" | size 1.0 MB | time 2:13
The Beatles song, "I've Just Seen a Face" is performed by Polkatown Sound. This is an example of a polka using musical elements from rock.