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Final Itinerary

Dane County Cultural Tour Itinerary

Cell Phones

Mark Wagler XXX-XXXX

Mary Rasmussen XXX-XXXX

Anne Pryor XXX-XXXX



8:00            leave Randall School

9:00            Cedar Grove Cheese Factory, Plain

Bob (E5904 Valley View Road, XXX-XXXX). He will give us cheese curds for snack, also can snack on bus.

10:00            leave for Mazomanie

10:30            Mazomanie Historical Society

(We'll meet with Otto and Ron in the auditorium of the community building, 9 Brodhead Street.)

Otto Rossbach (XXX-XXXX), Ron Calkins—photos, oral history efforts. Rita Frakes (XXX-XXXX) curator of MHS

11:00            tour documented historic buildings. 

Split into two groups: Otto and Ron will each lead a group. 

            (not determined—a third group could tour the Old Feed Mill with owner

Dan Viste (XXX-XXXX).  Will know on Friday.)

11:30            Lunch

12:00            Interview Bob Welke (XXX-XXXX) of Middleton Tourism about the train between Middleton and Mazo, and railroad in general. (We'll meet with Bob Welke in the library/depot at 102 Brodhead St.)

12:30            leave for Indian Lake

1:00            Indian Lake

            hike to cabin, cook marshmallows over a fire, hike up to chapel (in small

groups?), read selections from notebook, interview Viola Helt (XXX-XXXX), great-great granddaughter of the builder of the chapel. Also went on pilgrimage as a kid. Has prayed there for health reasons.

2:30            leave for Schumacher Farm in Westport  (If we leave a little earlier from

Indian Lake we could drive through Martinsville on the way so the kids

could see the church where the pilgrimage started from)

3:00            afternoon tea at Schumacher Farm, 5682 Highway 19, Waunakee

Judy Borke (XXX-XXXX), coordinator of Schumacher Farm, with Allen Holzhueter (XXX-XXXX), S. F. head gardener, on heritage gardening. She wants us to take our shoes off before entering the farm house. Allen will speak as we eat. If we want to sing, there is a pump organ (especially songs she learned while she was in a one-room schoolhouse).

4:30            leave for Deforest Norway Grove Memorial Lutheran Church

Directions: Go out Johnson Avenue, which turns into Packer Ave. and goes out past the Dane County Airport.  Just after the airport, stay in the right lane to go straight onto Highway CV.  This will take you to Highway 51.  Turn left on 51, go under the Interstate overpass, and take the first right, to go North on Interstate 90.  There is more than one exit for DeForest.  Take the one listed as "County V."  Turn east (right) from the Interstate and go 3/4 of a mile.  When you see the water tower, turn right at the base of it onto River Road and go more or less 1 mile.  The church is on the right, with a big purple sign.

4:50            arrive Norway Grove Lutheran Church

5:00            get to the church, unload and get settled

5:15            Community Meeting

6:00            dinner

6:30            quilters group in DeForest, (Carol Potter, XXX-XXXX); music by Dot and Will Williams (XXX-XXXX)

7:30—programming ends



8:00            cemetery—rubbings, talk with pastor about stones?

Pastor Paul Markquart, Norway Grove Lutheran Church, 820 River Rd, Deforest XXX-XXXX

8:30            Water Wells in Westport (6400 Lake Road)

            Richard & Michael Berkholtz (XXX-XXXX)

            Rotate between three stations they set up

9:30            leave for Sun Prairie (ok to have snack on bus??)

10:00            split class in two, one group to Fireman’s Angell Park, Highway N, with Les McBurney, president of committee of firemen who run Angell Park, (XXX-XXXX) followed by the firehouse, and the second group to Colonial Club Senior Activity Center with Melody (XXX-XXXX) 301 Blankenheim Lane, to play cards (~26 people, disabilities include stroke, developmentally disabled, early dementia),  (drive here first, drop off group, come back into town to meet Les either at firehouse or Angell Park. He will open the gate for the bus to get in.)

10:45            We'll drive to the Sun Prairie library, 1350 Linnerud Drive, XXX-XXXX. 

11:00            Meet with Cherie Krisher and Jimmy the Groundhog in the community room.  (Cherie Krisher w:XXX-XXXX)  We'll be with them for half and hour, splitting that time with Kids 4, a video production program in which kids document people and events around Sun Prairie.  The studio is at the library.  Sun Prairie kids might be there.  The coordinator is going to pull up interviews Kids 4 kids have done on Jimmy for us to see.  They'd like to record our group saying hello to Sun Prairie (we need to come up with a sentence we'll all say in unison).

11:30            Lunch and playground time

12:00            Leave

12:30            leave for Deerfield.  Drive along Hwy N and look at barn types along here (if time).

12:55            arrive at tobacco farmer, Perry Halverson, 1028 Highway 12, XXX-XXXX

1:25            leave tobacco farmer

1:30            arrive at Deerfield Elementary School, 10 Liberty, XXX-XXXX to pick up Amie Groleau’s 4th grade class. Several of the kids will greet us at the front of the school.

1:40            arrive 3-D Dance Studio, 1 South Main St., (Debbie Otteson Griggas, XXX-XXXX) for polka lesson; meeting the kids, dancing, and having them tell us about Deerfield

2:45            Playground with buddies (6 of Ms. Groleau’s class so far are available to play).

3:15            Marv Dorhorst (pretty sure he can make it; can meet with kids in the Auction building but it is not heated).

4:00            unload at church and put things away.

4:30            Lenny Anderson, good storyteller and historian, at the church.

5:00            Community meeting at the church.

5:30            Potluck Dinner, Deerfield Lutheran Church, 206 S. Main St., ,XXX-XXXX (Pastor Larry Sexe XXX-XXXX) (dinner with at least 6 families from Ms. Groleau’s class) Norwegian pastries from the ladies of Deerfield.  Kathy Miles works at the church, also a parent in Ms. Groleau’s class.

Directions to Deerfield Lutheran Church:  Head east on the Beltline (12/18).  Take a left (north) on Highway 73 toward Deerfield.  Highway 73 becomes Main St.  The church is at 206 S. Main St.

6:00            Music at the church, performance with Lois Anderson and her daughter, Susie Egre (accordion and bass), Leo (guitar); Laura Connor (violin and fiddle); John Handel available after 6:30 to talk with kids (he can get up to 10 in his shop at a time). Perhaps 2 or 3 groups can alternate between John’s and the Center?

7:00            go to Deerfield Community Center Recreation Center, 3 W. Deerfield St., XXX-XXXX.

8:00            Return to church, get ready for bed.



8:00            leave Deerfield

8:20            arrive Rockdale, meet Janice Redford XXX-XXXX, at Old Rockdale School, directly west of old mill, by village hall.

Directions to Rockdale: Take 73 south out of Deerfield, turn left on 12 and go into Cambridge. Take a right on B and go south toward Rockdale.  Cross a bridge.  B takes a 90 degree turn to the left; go straight.  On the left is a white building, the Smithback Community Center, which is the Village Hall.  It will be open. We can park there, and go inside. Janice will lead us 1 block down to where the dam was.

8:50    travel to Stoughton

9:10    stop at Home Savings Bank, 400 W. Main St., Sandy Quam, XXX-XXXX to

look at rosemaling, pause at mural on Main Street at the river

9:30    Chamber of Commerce Depot, 532 E. Main St. Contact: Beth Bauer

(Syttende Mai coordinator) XXX-XXXX.  COC Director, Ed Beano, COC,

XXX-XXXX, split into two groups:

            a.  view Depot museum

                        b.  introductory story about Syttende Mai (Beth Bauer)

9:45            groups switch, go to other presentation

10:00   Travel to Opera House, 381 E. Main St. (snack on bus??)

10:10   Opera House, storyteller, Doug Phundheller, former mayor, great

storyteller about Stoughton

10:25   split into three groups:

a. interview former queen, Helen Johnson, whose son is a rosemaler.  She is former mayor, running for re-election

                         b. interview former queen, Carol Skavlen, who makes hardanger lace,

                        c.   tour of Opera House, John Vorndran, head of reconstruction.

 10:55   leave for Riverside Park

 11:15   Lunch at Sons of Norway, Mandt Hall, 317 S. Page, XXX-XXXX, Sons

of Norway building

11:45            travel to Hageman and Warner Farm near Paoli

12:00            Visit Judy Hageman and Bill Warner at their spinach farm outside Belleville (near Paoli).  XXX-XXXX.

Directions:  from auction, take 69 north toward Belleville, to County A.  Take a left on A.  Go about a mile.  At the stop sign, go straight (crossing PB). Go for about 1 ½ miles.  Their road is the second paved road on the right—Hageman Road.  Go down this road about a mile.

2:30            travel to Black Earth

3:15            go from Black Earth to Mike Danz’s pig farm, XXX-XXXX (not at farm) farm north on Highway F on the right side of the road

3:45            leave pig farm, return to Black Earth village park on Mills Street

4:15            fire station (XXX-XXXX), behind the Shoe Box

Directions to Black Earth Fire Dept, 711 Blue Mounds St.:  Head west on the Beltline, and take Highway 14 toward Black Earth.  In Black Earth, turn left onto Mills St., then right on Canal St., and then left on Blue Mounds St.  The Fire Station is at 711 Blue Mounds St.

5:00            Dinner at fire station

5:30            split into interview groups:

                        a. Ron Poast, (XXX-XXXX) hardanger fiddle maker

                        b. Spud Rose, Butcher

                        c. Firemen at fire station

6:00            travel to Echo Valley

Directions to Echo Valley: Follow Hwy 118-151 approximately 3.5 miles west of Mt. Horeb.  Turn left (south) on County Hwy F. Approximately .7 mile County F forks with County Hwy Z.  Bear right, staying on County Hwy F.  The entrance to the camp is approximately 8.3 miles from the fork with Hwy Z. Watch for a brown “Echo Valley” sign and fire # 1876 CTH F sign on right (west) side of road.  If you read Hwy 39, you have gone too far.  We are staying at Gray Manor, a three-story brick house.  Follow the road into camp through the gate and down the hill to the large parking lot. 

6:45            arrive at Echo Valley

7:30            community meeting and bedtime snack



8:00            leave Echo Valley (25-30 miles to Black Earth)

8:45            arrive at Black Earth Meats, XXX-XXXX, 1345 Mills St. to watch butchering with Spud Rose (alternative group: David Vondra, Dew Signs, XXX-XXXX, 1111 Mills St.)

9:15            leave for Wally Keller, 3931 Highway 78, Mt. Horeb, XXX-XXXX (yard art)

9:30            visit Wally and Shirley Keller

10:00            travel to Mt. Horeb

10:15            Schubert’s Restaurant, 128 E. Main St., XXX-XXXX. Jerry Schubert (former 4th grade teacher) (kids get a treat). Interviewing both son (chef) and people who do the baking. Jerry will try to get some of the local coffee group to come in and hang out.

11:00            meet with troll carver, Mike Feeny, XXX-XXXX, at Schubert’s. (Give him a “wake-up” call on the 6th.  If the weather is bad, we can visit his shop.)

11:30            travel to Mt. Vernon’s Sportsman’s Lodge (Leroy Haag XXX-XXXX)

11:45            Lunch at Sportsman’s Lodge

12:15            work at Sportsman’s Lodge (setting tables for Wild Game feed)

12:30            talk with Leroy Haag about hunting ethic

1:00            travel to Belleville

1:45            visit Union Coop, 20 S. Park St., next to fire station in Belleville.  Todd Wittlinger, XXX-XXXX, manager.

2:15            travel to Green County for auction (auctioneer is Jerry Wilkenson) Contact: Tom Riley (XXX-XXXX) Hwy 92, halfway between Brooklyn and Belleville

2:30             auction

3:05            visit Cambodian Buddhist Society, 1848 County MM in Oregon. Contact: Vana Pol.  Number at temple: XXX-XXXX. Translator: Sophear Mouth, XXX-XXXX.

3:30            community meeting and snack

4:10            travel to Verona

4:40            visit Candina’s Chocolate, 2435 Old Pb Rd, Verona XXX-XXXX (mother). Son is Marcus.  We have ordered a tray of chocolates, 35 pieces, light chocolate truffles. Should be about $1/piece.

5:00            travel back to Madison

5:30            arrive at Randall School