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Memo to Parents Expectations

TO: Room 202 Parents and Students

FROM: Mark Wagler

Our Dane County Cultural Tour is both the most exciting and the longest fieldtrip I have ever helped plan. Few elementary students have such an opportunity. Because we will be

    with hosts and presenters who deserve respect, and

    away from the normal support of home and school,

and in order for all students

    to learn in new settings, and

    be safe in all settings,

students will be expected to behave even better than they usually do at school.

At various times we will split up into smaller groups, to make it easier for us to see a demonstration or conduct an interview. This will also help us to gather more information (notes, sketches, photos, and tapes) for our book and web site. It is absolutely crucial, for safety and learning, that students follow the directions of the adult leading that group. As I noted in my memo home two days ago, students who refuse to follow directions will need to return home that day, and go to another classroom at Randall the following day. We hope to avoid any such problems by setting out clear expectations early. You can help.

Please discuss what students can do if they disagree with what a Randall teacher, parent, or consultant asks. They may, for example:

    respectfully ask a question of their group leader;

    write down what happened and how they feel in their notebook;

    discuss events and feelings with me at meal and recreation times.

 They may not:

    argue with their group leader;

    refuse to follow directions;

    insist on discussing their issue during an interview or demonstration.

Please discuss, sign, and return the following statement.


I will: 

follow directions from all Randall adults on the trip--teachers, parents, and consultants--even when I disagree with them;

listen respectfully to all presenters, looking at them as they speak, and watching what they demonstrate (without silliness, interruptions, or other distractions);

interact respectfully with other Room 202 students (without putdowns or long arguments).

I understand that:

    the Dane County Cultural Tour is an educational fieldtrip--the purpose is to learn a lot about many places, people, and their cultural expressions;

    the same expectations and rules apply to students on the fieldtrip as at Randall School;

    students who do not follow directions and listen and interact respectfully will be excluded from activities and/or asked to write about their behavior;

    extremely unsafe or disrespectful behavior will result in parents being asked to pick up their student from the trip, and the student being assigned to another classroom at Randall during the rest of the trip. 

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