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Memo to Parents Volunteering

Parent Volunteers Needed


Dane County Cultural Tour


Our big project is on a roll! Go to to see the potholders. Eventually this web site will be linked to a project site of CSUMC (Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures) at, but first I will send home permission slips.


Next we will develop web sites about the Farmers’ Market, our retreat at Folklore Village, our Gathering Places (assignment 5th graders did last year), and about our other day trips. Upcoming day trips include Bayview and Forest Hill (and possibly Resurrection) Cemetery.


Now that we have received nearly $3,000 for our Dane County Cultural Tour, we’ll need parent help. Already this weekend we’ve asked for your input of places, people, or events to visit.  Would you also please:

quickly rank your preferred weekend for our week-long county trip (see form below), and

check if you are able to help plan our day trips in Madison and week-long county trip, accompany one or more trips, or help with producing our web sites and book.



Please rank the following three weeks (first choice=1, etc.) for your preference when we take our 4 or 5 day trip around Dane County. Consider the weather, your availability to come along for part of the trip, or special family events such as trips.

___ February 25-March 1

___ March 4-8

___ March 11-15


Please check if you can do one or more of the following for our cultural tour:


___ Coordinating committee--discuss destinations for day trips, plan itinerary and logistics for big county trip, and coordinate web sites and book (next meeting at Harriet’s house, XXXX Chamberlain, phone: XXX-XXXX, Wednesday, Nov. 28, begin at 2:45 and meet until 4:45 if necessary--sign up for this committee even if you can’t make our next meeting).


___ Lodging

___ Meals

___ Trip volunteers, usually lead small groups who are documenting culture (one or more of the day trips, or one or more of the days of the long county trip--of course can’t sign up without knowing dates for the trips). Usually need at least 3 parents each day.


___ Maintain photo archives

___ Transcribe interview tapes

___ Type student observations

___ Scan student drawings (and photo prints)

___  Production/distribution of book


Student name _________________                          Parent name ___________________________

Email addresses--give all that teachers and/or coordinating committee may use: