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How Big is Dane County?

How Big Is Dane County?


Write a 2-page essay, full of examples, that describes your image--the picture in your mind--of Dane County:


Before our trip, what came to your mind when you thought of Dane County?


How did your idea of Dane County get bigger because of the trip?

*     *     *


If you were to take a friend or relative on a one-day trip of Dane County, where would you take them? Who would you have them meet? What would you tell them about these people and places?

*     *     *


How much variety of landscape is there in Dane County --flat, hilly, wild, farms, villages, suburbs, cities?


What is distinctive about the different villages and towns we visited--can you tell the places apart? How does Madison fit into Dane County culture?

*     *     *


How many different kinds of people are there in Dane County--ethnic groups, religions, occupations, ages, interests?


What variety of cultural expressions are there in Dane County?  Consider storytelling, buildings, occupations, celebrations, ceremonies, needlework and other crafts, traditional music and dance, traditional recreation, foodways, home and yard decorations, community life.


Do not answer these questions one by one. Instead, write one integrated description of Dane County that answers many of the above questions. Do not simply tell how many square miles there are in Dane County.


first read and mark all your notes; complete index pages;

next make a small web in your Dane County Cultural Tour notebook;

write two or more pages on loose-leaf paper.