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Instructions for Visiting the Farmers' Market

Get Ideas From Parents Before Filling Out Form


Planning Dane County Cultural Tour



Circle folklore/folklife topics you are especially interested in:


place, home, land, buildings

stories, languages, foodways, handwork, music, celebrations, folk art (e.g. yard art, designs on tombstones), customs (e.g. home remedies, weather lore), symbols, beliefs

occupations (e.g. farming), recreation (e.g. fishing, games), ethnicity, community life (e.g. farmers markets)

traditions, changes, seasons

other __________________________________________________________________


List places in Dane County you want to visit (include Madison, small cities, villages, farms, buildings, public spaces, etc.):   










People you want to visit or interview (include names of specific people your family knows about, or kinds of people such as 4th and 5th graders, needle workers, blues musicians, etc.):








Events you want to attend that happen in late February or early March (think of ordinary events like cooking, ice fishing, auctions, dances, euchre club, etc.):










Minutes _____                                   Signature _____________________________


Use back of page if you need more space!