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Building Community

(This assignment followed a weekend “Family Retreat,” organized by parents of students in the class, at “Folklore Village,” a local organization with sleep-over facilities that emphasizes folk arts and traditional folklife.)

Name __________________________________

Community Building


Tell how spending the weekend at Folklore Village has helped build community between students, teachers, parents, and siblings in our classroom. You might want to write about planning the family retreat, rides, parent buddies, meals, games, photos, free time, Doug’s presentation, visit to the farm, dancing, etc.

Which students in our class do you feel more comfortable with now? Whose culture do you understand better?

Whose parents did you get to know better because of our retreat? Was it important for parents to be there?

What does our community do very well? What problems or challenges do we have in our community?

What would you like our family community to do next--potluck? visit Bayview? spend evenings together on our Dane County trip?