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Family Potluck


The family potluck was at the end of our fabulous Park Street Cultural tour. First, every family member of room 208 came to the Italian Workman’s Club (where the potluck was being held), bringing with them some food.
–Sam O.

At the potluckMost of you would think that there wouldn't be much culture at a family potluck. You are dead wrong.

The thing that probably reveals the most about our families' culture is the food that people brought. You were meant to bring a favorite family dish, so what people brought revealed the aesthetics of food in their cultures. 

Food isn't the only thing that reveals culture at a family potluck. Isn't it culture whether you sit with your parents, or you don't want to be seen with them when all your classmates are there?

At the potluck there was also a brief slideshow of photos taked on our Park Street trip.

Having fun
And watching a slideshow
Flashing cameras all around
Oops, they heard us downstairs