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Romnes Apartments

540 West Olin Avenue

At Romnes, we first split up into small groups, and talked to other people that lived at Romnes. We talked with Mary and Beth. They have both lived there for seven years.
Mary was born in Pennsylvania. Her mother passed away in 1973. When that happened, she moved to Madison, and met her husband.
At Romnes, people do all kinds of crafts, and play games. When she moved there, she felt safe. Now there are security officers walking up and down the halls every night.
Where Romnes is, there used to be a big hill. If the circus came, they would set up there. In the winter, kids would slide down the hill.

Romnes is a two-story, one-quarter of a mile-long building that is shaped like a horseshoe so it only takes up one square block. 
One person lives in a multi-room apartment with the option of patio or a balcony (depending on what floor you are on).

Long, winding hallways
Different rooms,
And small.

I looked at it
I see it.