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Hmong Cultural Delights Assignments

Write two or more pages (loose leaf!) that capture your excitement about what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched in Wisconsin Hmong communities. Here are some things you could write about:

What surprised you? What took your breath away?
What shapes, colors, and textures did you enjoy?
What smells and tastes were very strong?
What sounds do you remember?
What were you afraid of?
What was disgusting?
What was relaxing and peaceful?

Who was a great person to meet? Describe her or him.
What was something you loved doing?
What do you want to learn how to do?

When did you imagine being Hmong?
What do you now understand about Hmong you didn't know before? What new questions do you have?

Describe what was most vivid, such as . . . beauty of storycloths; reverse applique and cross-stitch; talking to Hmong kids; putting on traditional clothing; making egg rolls; seeing artifacts in display cases; learning how the Hmong are helping Bosnians; choosing Ramen noodles at the Oriental Market; spinning a top; listening to Mayhoua describe their butcher shop; seeing Thai Hmong cooking with rice (on video); listening to the qeej musician playing about orphans; learning about marriage negotiation; hearing the storyteller; kindness everywhere.

How did this trip change you? How do you look at the world differently? How did your parents experience the trip?

Respond to as many questions as you like. Write in complete sentences! Include yourself by writing "I" sentences. Write about emotions, include lots of sensory details, put a lot of spice and rhythm into your words.

Click here to see the students' responses.