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Make It Snow

Make It Snow
By Derrell Syria
Performed by Conga Se Menne
On the album, Living Inna Northern Paradise.
Copyright 2001 Porky Pine Records.

Make it snow, make it snow.
Come on, Heikki Lunta, do a little dance in the ten below.
Miss La Niña, let the cold wind blow.
Together with Heikki Lunta, lay down a blanket white with snow.

Firelight fishing chanting for winter.
Come on, Heikki, ready to go.
Time to scrape the frost off the window.

Heikki Lunta Go Away

Heikki Lunta, Go Away
Written by David Riutta
(P) 1970 WMPL Radio
Hancock, Michigan

Oh, I sang my song,
And I made the snow come down
And I did my dance,
Now I’m gonna lose my pants
If I don’t make it stop-
Look out! Here comes a snowball filled wit’ rocks!

Heikki Lunta, Go Away,
That’s all I hear them say.

Heikki Lunta Snow Dance Song

The Heikki Lunta Snow Dance Song
Written by David Riutta
(P) 1970 WMPL Radio
Hancock, Michigan

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! The original “Heikki Lunta Snow Dance Song!”

Now I’ll sing my song
To make the snow come down
And I’ll do my snow dance
Whoops! I almost lost my pants
I’ll holler and yell,
And really give it---

It’s Heikki’s snow dance song, 
Heikki’s snow dance song

Wisconsin Englishes Project

Send us your dialect and language pictures! We’re working to document the linguistic landscape of Wisconsin and are building a set of ones that we can use on this website and in presentations. Just email your pictures indicating your permission to let us use it, and including a description of the content, when and where it was taken and a suggested caption to Joe Salmons.

Pakou's Folktale

The Mother and the Naughty Boy

My mother told me this folktale. I translated it from Hmong into English. 

Once there was a mother who had a son. She was very nice but the son was very naughty. 

One day his mother ran away. When he found out he cried and cried.



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