Excerpt from Joe Chosa’s interview in Memories of Lac du Flambeau Elders:


…That's what I'll always remember...some of the old-timers, older men. They used to have regular good time pow-wows, and they'd get up, one man would start talking, he'd predict different things. He'd tell things that were going to happen. And they were interesting to listen to. When he got through, there'd be another guy that would get up, and he'd talk. Several of them would say different things, things that were going to happen. They told about it, and they were accurate! The things that they told about happened.

You know, I'll always remember when we were kids, we knew how to talk the language. There were several of us who did that. Then we'd get away from there, we'd be walking home and then somebody would mimic those guys that used to talk. Akawe omaa niwii-gaagiigid, I'm going to talk. Just like those guys used to do. Then he'd go on. And somebody else would say, Gosha gaa-giiwanim, nobody wants to listen to you because you tell lies! (laughs) We'd have more fun when we were kids. We used to mimic the guys that would talk in front of the group up there. I used to enjoy that.

They had regular dances at the good-time pow-wows. They used to have a lot of that. The one that used to intrigue me all the time was the feather dance. And that feather was only about that long (holds his thumb and forefinger apart 3 inches) and those guys would really have to get down there and keep in time with the drum, and they'd pick up that feather (with their mouth). There was no booze or drinking, they didn't need that to have a good time. And they had a ball! I remember those days, the good old days.

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