Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures Friends Newsletter, Vo. 1, No. 2, Fall 2003

Grotto resources


Grotto of the Redemption Web site (last updated March 9, 2002)

Paul and Matilda Wegner Grotto Web site, the Kohler Foundation, Inc., 2002.

The St. Phillip Parish Grotto Shrine Web site (featuring the grotto at Rudolph, Wisconsin; last updated May 27, 2000), an Eagle Scout project by C. Zubella with Grotto survey and maps compiled by T. Zubella.

Roadside America looks at the Dickeyville Grotto

Roadside Art on Line

Susan Niles Web site of Midwest grottos

Books and pamphlets:

Dickeyville Grotto: The Vision of Father Mathias Wernerus, Susan A. Niles, University of Mississippi Press, Jackson, Mississippi, 1997.

Father Philip J. Wagner and the Grotto Shrine, Rudolph, Wisconsin, author unknown, pamphlet, Rudolph, Wisconsin, 1972.

The Grottos at Dickeyville, M. Wernerus, pamphlet, [Dickeyville, Wisconsin, 192-?]

Grotto Father: Artist-priest of the West Bend Grotto, Duane Hutchinson, Foundation Books, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1989.

Grotto of the Redemption, A Pictorial Story, Father Louis H. Greving, pamphlet, Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, Iowa, 1993.

Grotto and Shrines Dickeyville, Wisconsin, author unknown, pamphlet, promotional booklet purchased at the Grotto Gift Shop, Dickeyville, Wisconsin, date unknown.

Sacred Spaces and Other Places: A Guide to Grottos and Sculptural Environments in the Upper Midwest, Lisa Stone and Jim Zanzi, The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1993.

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