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Leonard Finseth Collection

Leonard Finseth Collection

  "Syverson's Polka" played by Leonard Finseth

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Mills Music Library
Wisconsin Archives
University of Wisconsin-Madison 
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706


Leonard Finseth (1911-1991) was a Norwegian-American folk fiddler, farmer, and factory worker from Mondovi, Wisconsin. In addition to maintaining the family farm, Finseth played and participated in fiddle festivals throughout the Midwest and published two albums of Norwegian folk music The Hills of Old Wisconsin and Scandinavian Old Time Folk Fiddler from Wisconsin. The Finseth collection's recordings are a mix of concerts, personal recordings, and recordings of old time fiddlers who influenced Finseth. There are a large number of old time fiddle songs, with special emphasis on Norwegian tunes. Also present are photographs, newspaper articles, a reminiscence by Finseth of his World War II experiences, and other items.