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Healing Practices

The medical practices have changed in some ways. Some people still are shamans and some still ask for help from them. But some have converted to Christians and don’t believe in shamanism so they just go to a regular doctor.

Dr. Bee is a perfect example that some Hmong are using their Hmong traditions to make money. Dr. Bee who uses the Hmong ideas of healing with natural things isn’t the only one. Lots of women make money selling their needlework to the Hmong community and even sometimes others that admire it. I know some people even made money from a class of kids that were studying their culture. Weird, huh!
–Izzy S.

The way most Hmong people heal is by steaming some plants so it could be ready to heal. They use different kinds of plants. I don’t really know the names of them. If they don’t use the plants to heal, then in that case, they use the shaman. They’re one of the best, a first place healer. 

I think that one of the most important things about keeping traditions is practices: medical practices, musical practice, crafts practices, etc. I feel that without them, Hmong culture wouldn’t be the same. Traditions are crucial for culture. I especially feel that it’s important to keep Hmong traditions alive if we are to keep Hmong culture alive.