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906 Regent Street
Josephine, better known as Josie, was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1909 to Antony and Teresa Dovi Magnasco. They arrived in Madison in 1911 and settled in the Greenbush neighborhood. After her mother died, young Josie turned to the women in the neighborhood to learn how to prepare meals as her mother had. In 1927, she married Ernest Schuepbach, a young Swiss farmer from New Glarus. They raised seven children while farming in nearby communities.

Neighborhood House

In 1916 a service was established to help the Italian and Sicilian immigrants adjust to life in a new country. Classes were offered in the reading and writing of English, in recreation, music, sewing, scouting and other areas. Neighborhood House quickly became a "home away from home" under the direction of Miss Gay Braxton and her friend, Mary Lee Griggs. The building (shown above) was located at 768 West Washington Avenue. It was destroyed during the 1960's. The New Neighborhood House, with new goals, is located at 29 South Mills Street.


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