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Dorothea Schuler McCann

During the 1920s, the McCann's lived in the second floor apartment at 720 Mound Street, sharing the house with Mrs. Fannie Schmedemenn who lived on the first floor. Dorothea McCann is described as being "fair-complected with hazel eyes and dark brown hair." She is also described by her children as being "wonderful and very patient and understanding," a virtue that made it possible for the children to be raised in the Catholic Church, like their father, and not Methodist as she was raised.

Elsa Neuman Shivers

The Neuman's arrived in this country in 1887, settling first in New York to farm, then moving west to Wisconsin and the rural area of Cambridge. After Elsa and Oscar were married, they purchased a large two-story building, once a store on State Street that was scheduled for demolition. Oscar had a basement dug at 11 S. Murray St. before moving the store to the Greenbush neighborhood. They were proud of their new location next to Gervasi's Store as neighbors of Felicia and Tony Pullara.

Ida Urkofsky Moskowsky

Ida Urkofsky joined Samuel Moskowsky in England where he served as a baker for the Royal Family. In 1910, he left England to join Ida's brothers and became a baker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nine months later, on July 9, 1911, Ida and their four children arrived at Ellis Island on the SS St. Louis. Later, Samuel learned of an opportunity to own his own bakery in Madison. The family moved once again, this time into an empty three-story building at 214 S. Murray St.

Joseph Schiro

My father (Joe) was born in Piana dei Albanese, Sicily in 1894. He sailed for America when he was 14. In 1916, he married Katerina Wrend, better known to her friends as "Kate" and their offspring were Mary, George, Damion, and me. My father's brother, Pete, married my mother's sister, Angelina Wrend and their offspring were Georgia, Vito, Frank, George, Dominic, Ben, Mary and Lucy.

Josephine Magnasco Schuepbach

The Schupbachs lived beyond S. Park St. and city limits in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse. "Josie" rose early each day and often worked until late in the evening. When young men like Louis Cassini, Sam Cefalu, Sam Stassi, Ken and "Tiny" Urso, Martin Andrea, Jim and Chuck Thompson and Charlie Harris went to the farm during the summer months to help hay and thrash straw on her days off, Josie would prepare beef stew with bologna or Italian sausage the night before to feed them the next day before they returned to their homes in the Greenbush neighborhood.

Maddalena Russo Pelliteri

Maddalena Russo left Sicily with her father on May 12, 1912 to settle in Chicago in a neighborhood with others from Bagheria. Although she was only 15 years old at the time, Maddalena was expected to keep house for her father while he worked as a baker to save enough money to send for the rest of the family. It was during this time that she first met Giuseppi (Joe) Pellitteri, who was also from Bagheria. When she was 16, the couple eloped. Their first child, Mathew, was born in Chicago. In 1915, they moved to Madison with Joe's brother, Phil, and his wife, Maria.