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Scalissi household

Our house at 8 South Lake Street was typically Italian. My grandfather (Antonio Di Gregorio) lived on one side of the first floor. My brother, John, and his wife lived on the other side and my parents and the rest of us lived on the second floor. The basement walls were lined with shelves completely filled with canning jars. Crocks held tomato paste and the barrels held homemade wine. When we remodeled the house to make room for the entire family, we found many cell bars on the second floor. We often wondered if the building had been some type of jail at one time. The yard was filled with fruit trees and grapevines. There were six cherry, six pear, four apple and six plum trees. I can't remember ever seeing my grandfather spray the fruit trees, yet, each year they produced fruit by the bushels. The grapevine ran along the fence from the front to the very back of the yard. Yes, it was a typical Italian household and yard. How sad to think it was so easy for someone to destroy.

Ben Scalissi