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906 Regent Street
Josephine, better known as Josie, was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1909 to Antony and Teresa Dovi Magnasco. They arrived in Madison in 1911 and settled in the Greenbush neighborhood. After her mother died, young Josie turned to the women in the neighborhood to learn how to prepare meals as her mother had. In 1927, she married Ernest Schuepbach, a young Swiss farmer from New Glarus. They raised seven children while farming in nearby communities.
Josie began cooking in 1941 at Di Salvo's Restaurant, 802 Regent Street. Later, she and her two sisters, Santina Koeppel and Mary Schiro, opened the Three Sisters on the corner of Johnson and State Streets. From there she moved to Tony Urso's on West Washington Avenue. In the 1950's she cooked at Fedele's on South Park Street and, after ten years, returned to Urso's.
The Triangle Redevelopment Project put Josie on the move for the last time as she purchased the building at 906 Regent Street from the Pellitteri brothers, the same building constructed years before by Jimmy Puccio for his own Jimmie's Spaghetti House.
Since 1964, Josie has prepared the dishes she learned as a child, and mastered with her own touch, while cooking in the neighboring Italian restaurants. The restaurant remains a popular dining spot and is managed by her daughter, Joanne Jensen and her grandson, John Schuepbach, who prepares the restaurant's homemade Italian sausage.