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Rudy Garcia

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Rudy Garcia (left), guitarist and singer, has lived all over Central America, in Mexico, and in parts of North and South America. He was born in Texas. For the past 16 years he has lived in Barneveld, Wisconsin, and he works at the University of Wisconsin at Sterling Hall. On Saturdays he perfoms in a Mexican restaurant in Waukesha.

Rudy moved to the Midwest after securing a job at the Del Monte canning factory in the Chicago area. From there he moved to the Madison area to pursue an opportunity to perform in a band. After the band fell through he decided to stick around. He prefers performing solo these days

He sings latino-based songs from all the countries he has lived in, and songs from Puerto Rico and Cuba. He learned to play guitar with a board that he hammered nails onto one side at each end, then he tied string from one nail to the other. He had to learn on his own as no one in his family was musical. He picked up songs by listening to records and tapes, and from fellow musicians

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