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Charlie Morgan and the Graveyard Blues Band

Charlie Morgan and the Graveyard Blues Band performs

Charlie Morgan and the Graveyard Blues Band hit the stage at 6:30 and played for about an hour. They reign from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and they play bars and festivals all over eastern Iowa. Besides Charlie, who is the lead guitarist and singer, there are four other musicians in the band. They play guitar, harmonica, bass, keyboards, and drums.

Charlie says it's important to have fun when perfoming. I guess his strategy is good as they won the 1997 Iowa Blues Challenge. They have also opened for national acts one of which was The John Mayall Band.

All of the band members have day jobs. Charlie has been a mechanic for the past 25 years. He said he is always singing on the job, "driving everyone crazy."

The blues they play is a mixture of different styles, and they also perform an occasional Charlie Morgan original. During this performance Charlie sang a song about living in Cedar Rapids, and how soemday he will probably go back to the Delta where he was born (Lexington, MS).

Charlie learned to play guitar on his own, and by hanging out with friends. He plays strictly Fender guitar; his main axe is a Strat he put together himself with with a 70s body and a newer rosewood neck. His second guitar is a very clean natural wood Telecaster. Traditionally, bluesers play Fenders. Why should Charlie be any different.

The band knows roughly 150 songs off the top of their heads. They will play again tomorrow night and knock of another 12 tunes or so. Then it's back on the road back to Cedar Rapids, where acording to his song, it gets pretty cold.

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