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Keeping Croatian Customs Alive

Stephie revived the art of Croation egg decorating after she moved to the United States. She has taken her eggs back to Croatia, where many people no longer know how to decorate eggs. She is helping to keep this art alive by teaching it to others. She plans to teach it to her two granddaughters.

Stephie carries on many other Croatian traditions. She cooks Croatian food, she still speaks the language, and she sings traditional Croatian songs. A few of these she sings to her granddaughters, and they now recognize and ask for these songs.

Stephie goes back to visit her relatives in Croatia when she can. Her last visit was three years ago. When she goes back, feels the deep pain of leaving her family behind, but she says when she comes back to the U.S., it's as if she put a cap on her pain. She cannot think about it or she cannot go on.

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