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Croatian Egg Decorating Techniques

Stephanie separates strings to get startedtwo started eggs wrapped in embroidary floss
Stephie showed us how to decorate eggs with embroidery floss. As a child, eggs were hard-boiled before being decorated. These days, she blows the eggs out first. She's decorated all kinds of eggs -- ostrich, bantam, even cossowary -- but usually she uses regular chicken eggs.

Stephanie shows us how to make our own eggs.To decorate an egg, you begin by threading a needle with two strands of floss approximately 20 inches in length. You knot the floss and hold that knot with your finger at the narrow end of the egg and wrap the thread all the way around the egg, tightening the circle by slipping the needle between the two strands. Then you create another circle around the width of the egg, sewing the thread by looping it over the thread circle you have already completed. Now you are ready to begin weaving at the intersections of the threads, creating small God's eyes. You can change colors any time you like, by snipping the thread and tucking it under.

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