Changes in Preference

Freshly baked bread at Clasen'sBy the beginning of the 20th century a change of taste in breads can be observed in the German-American community. More and more American recipes are published in German-American cookbooks and American cookbooks are translated into German specifically for the German-American market. Fewer and fewer recipes for heavy breads are included in German-American cookbooks. Instead, the German-American baker can read comments such as the following:

"Two things are especially important for good bread: lightness and sweetness. Heavy bread that is bread that is neither light nor fluffy, or sour bread is only suitable for piglets.... A loaf of perfect bread, white, sweet, tender and elastic, with a golden brown crust, is evidence of a superior education and the basis of all good nourishment."
[Translated from: Recept-Buch und Haus-Arzt (Cleveland, 1915]

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