Other Forms and Uses of Breads

Medicinal Uses

Breads played an important role for medicinal use. In the 19th century German immigrants used special bread recipies for all kinds of maladies, especially stomach and digestive problems. Today these recipies have been all but forgotten.

Breadwater for sick people.

Good black bread will be sliced, toasted and soaked in boiling water. Add lemon slices-remove all seeds -, pour through a sieve and sweeten. If a fever is present, only use lemon juice.

Kneipp Brod (proven effective for many years to help with proper digestion)

Use 3 quarts coarse meal or "Kneipmehl" and 1 quart luke-warm water to make elastic dough, which should be easily separate from your hands and the bowl. Separate the dough into two pieces and form two long breads that are 2-2/1 inches high glaze the breads with water and bake them in a well-heated oven for an hour.

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