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Chapter 25: Echoes of Slovenia, Chapter 26: The Milwaukee Waltz, and Chapter 27: The Hartmann-Meisner Polka Dynasty


"Polkaholic" | size 1.3 MB | time 2:48
Gordon Hartmann performs "Polkaholic," a Slovenian-style polka.

"Dance, Dance, Dance" | size 1.1 MB | time 2:23
Frankie Yankovic performs "Dance, Dance, Dance," an American popular music crossover into Slovenian-style polka music.

"Won't You All Come Dance With Me?" | size 1.1 MB | time 2:22
The Milwaukee polka king, Louis Bashell, performs "Won't You All Come Dance With Me?" This is a typical Milwaukee polka which is also in Slovenian-style.

"Meisner Magic" | size 933 KB | time 2:06
Verne and Steve Meisner, of German descent but play in the Slovenian-style, perform "Meisner Magic."

"Burgettstown Polka" | size 1.3 MB | time 2:38
This polka is played by Steve Meisner on the button box, not to be confused with the accordion.