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Chapter 1: Wisconsin Indian Music

The Many Forms of Wisconsin Indian Music

Jeff St. Germaine on the drum | size 344 KB | time 0:43
In this interview clip, Jeff St. Germaine discusses the importance of the drum to the Indian nation and the contexts of its use. 

Woodland Flute Music | size 1.2 MB | time 2:38
Played by Frank Montano of the Red Cliff Ojibwa, this music was "given" to him while purifying himself at a sweat lodge.

Frank Montano on the flute | size 496 KB | time 1:03
Frank Montano, an Ojibwa flute maker of the Red Cliff Ojibwa, offers insight to the spiritual nature and culture surrounding the woodland flute.

Frank Montano on "My Spirit Friend" | size 448 KB | time 0:57
Frank Montano talks about what led to his composition, "My Spirit Friend." 

"My Spirit Friend" | size 1.6 MB | time 3:34
"My Spirit Friend," based on recurring dreams, is played by its composer, Frank Montano. 

"Alligator Dance " | size 1.3 MB | time 2:45
Performed by the Long House Singers from Oneida, this song is an example of the Oneida people reviving native traditions through the use of water drums, turtle shell rattles and evoking the alligator.

"Dage na zaya nel" | size 985 KB | time 2:05
"Dage na zaya nel," performed by the Preservation Singers, an Oneida trio, is an example of fusion between Christian hymns and native traditions, with specific regard to language.

"What a Friend We Have in Jesus" | size 809 KB | time 1:43
"What a Friend We Have in Jesus" is performed by the Oneida Singers and sung in Oneida. This is another example of the fusion of Christian and native musical practices.

"Lac du Flambeau Reservation" | size 344 KB | time 3:21
"Lac du Flambeau Reservation," by Bobby Bullet St. Germaine depicts the history of his family and peoples' struggle from Wounded Knee in South Dakota to Wisconsin and the Lac du Flambeau Reservation.