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Chapter 36: Gospel in Wisconsin

Darlene Horner on Dr. Watts | size 642 KB | time 1:21
Darlene Horner recalls attending church with her grandmother and hearing the Dr. Watts singing as they approached the church.
"I Know I am a Child of God" | size 1 MB | time 2:14
The Madison Gospelaires sing "I Know I am a Child of God" a capella in the Dr. Watts style.
"Happy with Jesus" | size 921 KB | time 1:57
"Happy with Jesus" is sung a capella by the all-female quartet, Milwaukee's Happy Harmonizers. This style of a capella has roots in rural Mississippi. 
Will Williams on gospel | size 187 KB | time 0:28
Will Williams of the Madison Gospelaires talks about gospel music, comparing it with the blues and how singing helped the slaves endure.
"Shake My Mother's Hand" | size 975 KB | time 2:04
Richard Jones displays the influence of the blues in "Shake My Mother's Hand."
"Will You Pay a Price?" | size 939 KB | time 2:00
"Will You Pay a Price?" is sung by Janni Lee Burton. This is also an example of the blues' influence on gospel music.
"Be Careful with Your Soul" | size 1.7 MB | time 3:39
The Vocalaires perform "Be Careful with Your Soul" which shows a more modern style of rhythm and blues than prior examples.