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Chapter 18: The Manitowoc Bohemian Sound

"Red Raven Polka" | size 1.3 MB | time 2:51
"Red Raven Polka," another Czech-style polka, is performed by Lawrence Duchow.

Greg Zurawski on Romy Gosz | size 379 KB | time 0:48
Greg Zurawski, a polka music promoter, recalls the monthly Sunday dances played by Romy Gosz.

Jerome Wojta on Romy Gosz
 | size 398 KB | time 0:50
Jim Leary comments on and leads into discussions by Jerome Wojta of the Two Creeks Farmhands and Larry Hlinak on Romy Gosz as a trumpet player and why he had such a penetrating tone.

Larry Hlinak on Romy Gosz | size 248 KB | time 0:31
Jim Leary introduces Larry Hlinak who as a child remembers seeing Romy Gosz and his band playing polkas on a ferris wheel.

"Svestkova alej" | size 1.5 MB | time 3:15
Romy Gosz performing "Svestkova alej."

"Tinker Polka " | size 1.2 MB | time 2:34
Jerome Wojta and the Two Creeks Farmhands perform "Tinker Polka" in the style of Romy Gosz.