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Chapter 15: Finnish-American Music in Superiorland

Ailie Johnson and Rodney Lahti | size 483 KB | time 1:01
Ailie Johnson and Rodney Lahti share their memories about Viola Turpeinen who would play dances in their hometown twice a summer.

"Viulu polkka" | size 1.3 MB | time 2:56
Viola Turpeinen and John Rosendahl perform "Viulu polkka."

Bill Kangas | size 293 KB | time 0:37
Bill Kangas of the Oulu Hotshots talks about the first time he heard an old-time Finnish polka.

Bill Kangas on "Sakki jarven polka" | size 476 KB | time 1:00
Rick March gives some general remarks on the necessity of pronunciation that leads into Bill Kangas speaking about learning Finnish in order to sing "Sakki jarven polka."

"Sakki jarven polka" | size 1 MB | time 2:11
Bill Kangas sings "Sakki jarven polka," a Finnish-style polka.

For information on the two-day dances, see Ray Kiska on the Wisconsin Folklore Listener.