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Chapter 12: The Minnesota Dutchmen

"Kinder Polka" | size 794 KB | time 1:41
"Kinder Polka" (listed in Chapter 34 of the reader), a Dutchman-style polka from New Ulm, Minnesota, is performed by Hans "Whoopee John" Wilfahrt. 


"Bohemian Polka " | size 1016 KB | time 2:09
Six Fat Dutchman performing "Bohemian Polka," another Dutchman-style polka from New Ulm. 

Erwin Suess and "Stillwater Landler" | size
1018 KB | time 2:09
Erwin Suess of the Hoolerie Dutchmen comments on how he always wanted a concertina. This clip leads into "Stillwater Landler" played by the Hoolerie Dutchmen.

Ernie Coopman on Elmer Scheid | size 222 KB | time 0:28 
Ernie Coopman of the Stagemen speaks about his role model Elmer Scheid and why he wanted to play like him. 

"Hoolerie Waltz" | size 1013 KB | time 2:09
Elmer Scheid plays the "Hoolerie Waltz" on the concertina.

"Green is Green Polka" | size 1.6 MB | time 3:24
Karl Hartwich, a current concertina player, plays the "Green is Green Polka" in the Dutchman style. This track is listed in Chapter 34 of your reader.