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Gathering Places


The Geology museum is located on dayton st. right by union south and right by the university heating plant. Well at least the building is. It's also on the tweleve hundred block .The geology museum is actually one floor of the building it's in . I forgot the name of the building but I think it's the Lewis G.Weeks building .

In the front of the building there is a court yard with a fountain and
rocks with numbers in them. The reason they have numbers on them is because there's a post with a board on it that has the numbers on it and explains what the rocks and minerals are next to the numbers . All around you exept for the two arches there should be a large brick building with glass doors and windows . Now go through the doors and there should be a glass show case of the founder : Lewis G. Weeks and now I remember what he name was & it was the Lewis G. Weeks building . So they 'll have alot of things about him .

After looking at the show case , then turn to your left and walk until you get to the next hall then turn to your right and there should be a door with the words geology museum on it and a picture of a mamoth skeleton on it . Go through this door . When you get through this door you should be in a large room with a huge gigantic globe in the middle . Just past the gigantic globe there's a door that leads to the museum , go through that door . As soon as you get through the door...


LuLus is on Old University Ave. next door to James J and a scuba diving place. On the outside it's a white building with a yellow awning and brown/black writing that says LuLus restaurant on it.

There's a bush on each side of the door. Also, there are two green benches on each side of the small lawn. The inside is beautiful Arabian lamps and Oriental rugs.

After you sit down, you can get a good look around. If you look up you can see loops of white fabric. If you look straight ahead you can see a beautiful scene of an Arab city with bright blue skies- drapes of fabric hang here too. In the back the hall widens and there is a small place to buy Middle Eastern food. Keep going and you pass a kitchen door and the restrooms. There are two closed off places to eat in; one is small made for about five people with tapestry hanging on the wall, the second place is bigger but not as nice. It is made for about fifteen people, but it's only white and brown and has no tapestries.

The people are mostly adults, today I'm the only child here. What most people do here is eat and talk, no matter what they came for. Still other people are bustling around cooking and serving. These are the waiters and waitresses, if you listen hard you can hear yelling from the kitchen.

I interviewed my Dad about LuLus. He likes that it is a family restaurant. he likes the Middle Eastern cuisine. He says, "There are a lot of food choice you can't find any where else in town, and the Middle Eastern decor is very nice to." He loves the creamy
lentil soup, also known as the "s1". "The spices are beautiful and bring out the flavor". His favorite main dish is the humus balmy, which is ground beef, humus, garbonzo beans and a few other things. It comes with a delicious tabouillon and tomato salad.


My place is on 2136 Regent St. across from Big Mikes. It is called the Regent Market Co-op. There is a big sign at the top of the store that says Regent Market Co-op. It says Pepsi on both sides of the sign. I don't know why. Under the sign there is a red and white striped awning. Under the awning there are 3 windows with pictures in them. On the inside there 4 aisles and a place where they sell meat in the back.You buy the stuff in the front of the store. Most of the people that go there are in there fortys or older. There are almost 0 young people exept kids who come with their parents. Most of the people are caucasian. The people that go there are
usualy buying dinner. Sometimes they see people that they know and start talking. The store used to be owned by a guy named Joe. Some people called the store Joe's. But 4 years ago Joe sold it. Some people still call it Joe's.


Franklin school,is located on two different streets. One is Potter St.. The other is Lakeside St.. Lakeside St. is the front of the building.And Potter is the back st.. It is located Lakeside St.. There's a playground for kids who go to school there. On the playground there are swings, play structures, a little stage and a blacktop. there's a parking lot for teachers and grown ups who work there park their cars. The building is made out of red brick and is three stories high, including the basement. It has a library, a music room, an art room, and a gym.


My gathering place is on Regent Street. In winter it looks like a big castle with snow around it. In spring it looks like a beautiful house with flowers. The East side looks like a hospital or a laboratory with lots of rooms and crazy people in the rooms. Or a house of a principal ghost. All the kids at Randall say that a principal died there.


The Arboritum is on Arboritum drive and about a block from the Vilas Zoo.It's sort of a nature preserve were many people gather. It's a gathering place for bikers, runners, skiers, business people, and the animals.

From what I saw on December 3rd it was mostly women that were in their late 20s, 30s, or 40s. It's pretty important to the people who come there and especially the animals that live there.

The Arboretum has a forest, prairie, and a small area of marsh. Every year, the Arboretum gets at least 85 different kinds of birds. My mom thinks that a group of people protected it and tried to keep it in it's natural state, but some of the trees are in the wrong soil and there's no understory.

If you were to look at the Arboretum from a bird's eye view, you'd probably think it was a forest and prarie, but it's got some marsh too.


My gathering place is West High School. On the outside there is a
brick wall and three balconys; well not really a balcony, its more like on the belt line they over lap. There is a foot ball feild and track. the street. It is on is Regent Street. It is a really busy street. Our school is on the same street as West High School. Next to the foot ball field is a tennis court. There is also a parking lot.

On the out side, there are about twenty classrooms. There are two gyms and a swimming pool. There are also alot of drinking fountains and lockers. They have 3 stories. They have almost a thousand teenagers in that school.


James J's Chocolate shop is on Old University Avenue, It sells everything from marzipan to sugar free candy. Candy making has been in James J's family for three generations and was taught to him by his uncle. James considers their almond-butter toffee their specialty although they are advertised as a chocolate shop. The store is next to a knitting shop and a Middle-Eastern restaurant. They get most of their customers locally but there is a big hotel right next to it.


Vilas Park is in the south side of Randall and Franklin community.It is a big park. It also has 2 playgrounds and a basketball court . It has a soccer field. How gathering happens there is every summer time my family and I [go]. My sister, she always follows my mom and dad.

Why is it in important ? It is because you can go there with your family and you can gather there. Also what I can enjoy at the park is the playgrounds.


My gathering place is the Monroe Street Library. It's on the corner of Monroe and Garfield, right next to an Affordable Futons store.
All kinds of people gather here, like book clubs, college students,
elementary students, why, even todlers and infants come here.
The Monroe street library is a small brick building, it's long and narrow, and it has a glass front. The inside has a grey rug, and white walls. The computers are across from the main desk, and they are at the front of the room. The tables are in the middle of the room, next to the adult fiction. There is a chidrens table at the back of the room in between the childrens non-fiction and a section called Readers. The tables are green topped and have about four chairs at each table. There is a toddlers table, it has a stack of books on it, it is also green, but it has green chairs and only two.
Usually there are only three to seven people here at once, not including the librarians. most people are middle aged and white, but not always. Most days when I come I'm the only kid, but some times there are babies here. Most people here talk and read, and people usually read the newspaper. My gathering place is not a very active place.