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Rodrigo's Family Culture

I would like to tell you about my family and how we express our culture. I'm going to tell you about celebrations and ceremonies.

My family has many different celebrations. The first celebration I'm going to be talking about is the Day of the Dead.

In the Day of the Dead, we don't really celebrate but part of my family does. On October 31 some of the family get together and go to the graveyard. They bring food for the dead people's spirits. These are the kind of food they bring - sweet bread, tortillas, tamales, and other kinds of food.

Another celebration we celebrate is Christmas Eve and we have a lot of fun. One of the things we do until it's 12 o'clock - my cousins and I play soccer, football and tag outside. However that is not the main part of the celebration. When it is almost 12:00, we count backwards and give each other hugs then drink some wine and it really tastes nasty. After we do all those things, we open our presents and have great time with our family.

Another celebration we celebrate is the Day of the Three Kings. When my mom was a little girl there were three men and they got dressed up as kings and they would go through the street and give children presents. They also ate bread, but it's not a regular bread. It's a sweet bread and it has a little plastic baby inside. If you get that baby you have to make a party at your house next time.

Next I'm going to be talking about ceremonies and they are really great ceremonies.

The first ceremony I'm going to talk about is baptism. What our family does is first we go to church. Then the priest give a message and he asks the parents why they want to baptize their baby. The parents answer. After that they pour the water and they are done. When they are done doing that we go to the party and give the baby present and have great time.

The next ceremony I'm going to be talking about is quinuañeia. We do that when a girl has the 15th birthday. That means they're becoming a woman. We do many things at the party. We eat, dance and it's really fun dancing. After that when it's 12:00 it's time to cut the cake but before we cut the cake we drink wine. It was a traditional ceremony. The girl that is 15 years old has to wear a white dress and of course a crown.

Another ceremony we celebrate is weddings. We celebrate the wedding in a way that is kind of something different. The couple gets married at a church. After the ceremony we go to the party and eat. Then when everybody is done eating, the grown-ups play a game. The object of this game is they divide into a women's side and a men's. So the women start running. They all are holding hands and all run around. One time my mom got to be the leader of the women. She went so fast. She was careful not to fall down because she was wearing high heel shoes. She didn't run that fast but is was fun anyway.

I really enjoy all the ceremonies of my culture.

We have many kinds of foodways and I think I'm going to be writing a lot of them.

The first food I'm going to be talking is egg. Every Saturday and Sunday, my mom makes eggs sunny side up and sometimes smashed beans. She always makes them for me and my dad and not my sister because she hates egg. My mom sometimes eats eggs. When we are eating egg my mom goes and heats up tortillas. Then we eat the eggs and tortillas together, and it is really good and yummy.

Another food I'm going to be talking about is tamales. They are really good and I just love them. We make them, but not very often. We make them on special occasions, like Christmas, New Year, and weddings. When my mom and aunts make them, they get really dirty. First, my mom gets the tamales prepared. Then she puts them on the stove with water. They cook for two hours.