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Pakou's Family Culture

My family is Hmong. My parents names are Boua chor Xiong and Soua Vang. I have four sisters and three brothers, but now I have three sisters and two brother in my house. Their names are Lee, Panga, Pahoua, Billy and Vistshais.

I'm going to talk about my family celebrations which are the Hmong New Year and Christmas. For foodways, I'm going to tell you about noodles, Hmong desserts, papaya salad, egg roll and spring roll.

My Family Celebrations
The Hmong New Year was on November 23 and 24 of this year (2001). Any person could go there but usually Hmong people go there more. The Hmong New Year was at the Alliant Energy Center. It was a huge place so that all the Hmong could go and have fun there. They had foods, drinks, flowers, toys, padao, clothes, and balls. There was stage because some people wanted to dance for the New Year.

The people have Christmas on December the 25th. We have Christmas in the US. Sometimes Santa Claus gave us presents. When it was time to open presents, we opened presents. After we opened presents we will all say "I got this. What did you get?" We played outside in the snow. We watched some Christmas movies and ate candies. Sometimes we wanted some special clothes so we went shopping for us. Sometimes we didn't get what we wanted for Christmas. At the Bay View Center, we had to fill out a form to get some presents. My brothers and sisters wished to get a toy for Christmas.

My family loves to and likes to celebrate every holiday and New Year. My brothers and sisters can't wait until it is snowing because they liked it when the snowflakes melt on their tongue. They sometimes build a horse, dog, house, snowman, and a tree. On Christmas we put some candy canes on our tree to make it beautiful so we could have fun celebrating Christmas. Afterward, we will share what we've got from Christmas. Sometimes your parents, Santa Claus, and friends gave each other some presents.

We need to have food every day or else we won't get energy. We have all kinds of different foods. In the day, we have food and water. At home we have vegetables, meat and rice. My family likes everything but not all of the food because they didn't try that much food.

In the day, we also have noodles and Hmong desserts for dinner and breakfast. The noodles we have are capoon, faur, and fried mee. You need meat, lime, and curry peppers to make capoon. You need meat, cilantro, and onion to make faur. You need oil, cilantro and peppers to make a fried mee. I like all kinds of noodles. My mom puts the noodles in a box.

I have a Hmong dessert called nava. You will need sugar, coconut, milk, and tapioca.

We also eat egg rolls, spring rolls, and papaya salad. In the egg roll you will need cabbage, noodle, carrots, onion, and pork. For papaya salad you'll need tomatoes, salt, sugar, napa, lime, pepper, and garlic. For spring roll you'll need meat and vegetables.

I think the most important thing to my family is foodways and celebrations because if we don't have fun we will be bored and do nothing. Food helps you grow bigger and helps each other out.