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Mark's Family Culture

I have a big family. My brothers are mean except one brother. His name is David. My sisters are mean too. My mom is mean and my dad is mean too.

I am going to talk about foodways. My mom and dad make the food and they are the ones who bought the food. My mom and my dad got the food from the Asian Midway store. My mom cooks vegetables and meat. She cuts all of the vegetables and the meat. My dad helps out too.

My favorite dish is chicken. My family likes all the food that my mom cooks. My mom grows cabbage, peppers, cucumbers and carrots.

I like many celebrations. Christmas is a holiday in winter. It snows and Santa Claus gives out presents to kids. But Santa Claus isn't that real. My family gets presents from my mom and dad.

My family can't wait until it's Christmas Eve. My brothers and sisters and I receive some presents from the Bay View center too. There's no school on the 21st. Before we get out of school on the 21st we don't have school because it's vacation day.

The Hmong New Year is a celebration that Hmong people celebrate. You can eat at the Hmong New Year. There are a lot of dances on the stage.

Now I'm going to talk about traditional games and toys. I will talk about traditional games first. I am going to talk about how you play tag. Tag is a game where you play outside. This is how you play tag. You tag someone and he or she is it. He or she has to tag someone else.

Next my favorite game is hot lava tag. This is how you play hot lava tag. Pretend you are it and you have to stay on the ground. You can't climb on anything. You need to tag someone.

My best game is called tic-tac-toe. This is how you play tic-tac-toe. You make a shape and you write it on a piece of paper. Then you have to put a X or an O on the squares.

This is a game called rock-paper-scissors. This is how you play rock-paper-scissors. You make a fist like a rock and if someone did a paper, you lose because the paper will cover you. The only you win is to do the opposite.

You can play these games indoors or outdoors.

Second, I'm doing toys that I like. My sisters play with Hmong dolls. The Hmong dolls are made out of cloth. The boys still play with tops that are old toys. The tops are made out of special woods.

Another game the boys play is ball. It's made out of wood. You can toss the ball and you kick the ball. They toys are very useful. It's fun when you play ball. The ball is hard because so kids can kick it but not kick it hard. The ball is heavy so kids don't kick it hard so it won't fly far in the woods. This is how you play. You just need to kick it. If you kick to a person you are good.

My family does storytelling. My mom, dad, brothers and sisters like to tell funny stories, jokes, and realistic stories. My cousins and uncles tell cool and funny stories to my family. My friends tell stories too, but the stories they tell are fake.

The stories my family tells are about when I was little when we went to Stevens Point and about family picture. I will tell you about my family picture.

My family told me this story about when my family and I were taking a picture. The picture camera was not flashing the light, so my cousin checked it. My cousin is the one who took the picture. And we tried and we tried, and it finally worked. When my parents went to pick up the picture there was a funny picture and the other picture was good. My parents came back and they ripped the funny picture up and kept the good nice picture.

From doing this essay, I learned that story-telling, celebrations, and traditional games and toys are important to my family. My family is special because my family is quite large. I have someone to talk to and play with all the time.