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Juan Pablo's Family

My class is making a project of culture. I'm writing five pages on this essay of culture. I'm going to start on celebration. I'm from Mexico and I'm going to tell you about what Mexicans celebrate. The first aspect of my culture is celebration.

We celebrate Posadas. That is when Christmas is just coming. We go outside and knock on houses and ask if we can stay one night in the house because my wife is going to have a baby.

The next celebration I'm going to talk about is Christmas. At Christmas time, we bak a cake for the birth of Jesus. When it is 12 o'clock we give each other hugs. We wait until the kids go to sleep, then the parents put their presents where they left their card and wait until they wake up. Then the next day on the 25th, we drink soda.

The third celebration I'm going to talk about is New Year. First we ask our friends if they want to come. Then we tell them what time the should come. Then we make the turkey and set it in the middle of the table. When the other people come, they bring more food, such as tacos, salad, burritos, potato pudding, corn and vegetables, ham with pineapple, cake, salsa, tacos of head of the beef, cheese pie, and lots of rice.

At 12 o'clock we gave each other hugs. Then we took a glass and we put twelve grapes in it and we make a wish every time we eat one. Then in that same glass we put champagne and drink it so our wishes come true.

The next celebration I'm going to talk about is the Three Kings. On the day of the Three Kings, at 12 o'clock the kids go to sleep but they leave their shoe under the Christmas tree. Then the Three Kings bring them toys and money. If they forgot to leave their shoe, they don't bring them anything.

The fifth celebration I'm going to talk about is the Day of the Dead. You go in the cemetery and with the person that died. Then you clean their tombs, put on new flowers, and put on music and wine for them. In the night you eat a skeleton of candy that you can make or buy. Then when you go to sleep you put out a glass of wine. When you wake up, it is all gone.

The sixth celebration I'm going to talk about is Mother's Day. We buy stuff for our mothers without them knowing. You hide them in a safe place where they never look. Then in the night you give it to her and a hug with a kiss.

The next celebration I'm going to talk about is Father's Day. In Father's Day you almost do the same thing but you got to give them men stuff. Then at night you drink a soda with him and adults are drinking wine. Whenever he wants he could to sleep, but the next day they wake up with a huge headache.

The next celebration I'm going to talk about is Day of Work. On Day of Work, nobody goes to work so you have to buy your food before they close. If you want, you can stay up early or go to sleep early, or you can wake up early and go into a restaurant.

The last celebration I'm going to talk about is Teacher's Day. On Teacher's Day, the teachers can do whatever they want, like start a party, go out early, or play a game. They're like kings.