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Storyteller Lenny Anderson

 Lenny Anderson is a storyteller who has lived in Deerfield since 1936. He said that in 1880, Deerfield was a mile north of where it is now. When he was a kid, they had a train that brought the mail. He said the train would be going really fast, and someone threw the mail out the window. They stuck hooks out of the train and grabbed the mail waiting to be sent.

There used to be a lot of Norwegians in Deerfield. A lot of the Norwegians grew tobacco. Lenny once worked in a tobacco warehouse, selling tobacco for $1.80 a pound. --Brett

In 1936 Lenny was born in Deerfield. I think the workers in Deerfield broke the surveyor, and that is how they got the name Deerfield. --Pakou