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Thank You to Presenters

22 March 2002


Dear Dane County Neighbor,


Enclosed is a personal card, from one of the students in my classroom at Randall School in Madison, thanking you for your help with our recent Dane County Cultural Tour. I want to add my appreciation. The strongest impression I have from our four-day trip during the first week of March is the incredible kindness we experienced. You welcomed us and helped us understand your community.


We are now putting together what we have learned. Last week students wrote reports on different places we visited. This week we completed a huge display on the wall outside our classroom--with beautiful photos and headlines, captions, and drawings by the students. When we return from spring break, we’ll invite other classrooms to hear what we have learned so far about our county. We will also take short field trips, and invite guests, to explore Dane County culture in Madison.


Our photos, student reports and drawings, and quotations from our taped interviews will soon begin appearing on our web site ( Because this is a lot of work for our class and the grownups who help us, don’t be surprised if it takes us a month or two to get everything up--check back every few weeks to see what’s new.


At the same time we are starting to work on a small book about Dane County culture. We plan on selling it at the Dane County Farmers’ Market.


If you use email, please send your email address to me at That will make it easier to let you know when your materials are on the web and when our book is finished. Also feel free to call me at home (XXX-XXXX) or school (204-3300). I can pass on any messages to the students, or to the others who helped plan and document our trip, especially our parents and Anne Pryor (Wisconsin Arts Board) and Ruth Olson (Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures at UW-Madison).


Because half of my students are fourth graders who will return to my class next year as fifth graders, we will not take this same tour next year. But hopefully in two years our class, with all new students, will take another big trip around our county and visit many of you again.


Again, a huge thank you!



Mark Wagler

For the students, teachers, parents, and friends of Room 202