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Memo to Parents More Help

More Parent Help Needed


Book & Web Site 

Publishing Dane County Culture


Our projects are bigger than we thought! Although a lot of parents have been typing, we could still use some last minute help. Here’s what we need:


Typing student writing. The three parents coordinating the book want to have all texts by this Friday, but I suspect they might appreciate a volunteer or two who can type this weekend. Typed materials emailed to Hariet and me. Student writings not typed in time for the book still need to be typed for the web site.


Listening to tapes. We made a number of interview tapes on our 4-day trip. Do you have time to listen to one or two? We are looking for a few good quotes from each interview, say 1-3 brief excerpts, typically 1-2 sentences each. Some interviews may have no usable quotes. The excerpts need to be typed and can be emailed to me and Harriet. Once again, if you can finish by this weekend, the quotes can be used in the book. Hopefully all tapes will be reviewed and included in the web site.


Scanning drawings and photographs. This week and on into next week. jpeg format, unless I hear different from the book committee.


Facilitating student production groups at school. Review texts and images with small groups of students. Any time of the day when we’re not at specials or recess.


Please don’t feel guilty if you don’t have time. On the other hand, don’t feel shy to offer to help with just a small bit--a single tape, one writing assignment, a limited number of scans, or one group session.